30 Years of Serving Fulton County Thanksgiving

For over 30 years The Twin Cities Council of Churches provided a free Thanksgiving Meal that depended on the generosity of those who have helped in numerous ways by donating turkeys, other foods, money, and delivery.


Approximately 1200 meals were served in 2018. Takeout and delivery was always an option. It was housed at the Church Of The Holy Spirit in Gloversville (formerly Mount Carmel, then St. Mary's of Mount Carmel).


In 2019 the council needed more volunteers than what they had, and faced difficulties to put on the meal the same way they had in the past. Thankfully, with the help of Micropolis Development Group, over 1,500 meals were served and the Festival of Hope became a major success.

The Community Foundation of the Adirondack Foothills was created as a Non-profit Corporation by Micropolis Development Group to serve the communities within the Fulton and Montgomery counties of New York.  In September of 2020 the Community Foundation was granted the IRS Tax-Exempt designation as an official 501(c(3)) based organization.